37-e1386971315524I began to write Dear Stranger in March 2004 when I was 15 and diagnosed with a chronic illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E). Being a private person I had never had the wish to write a book, but it came to me in a dream that I would write this book and I understood and trusted the voice who told me, so I followed it.

I had no idea what my future would 27look like, what I was supposed to do with the enormous pain in my body that left me a “broken idiot” in bed almost everyday. I was afraid of what had happened to my life, closed to the people around me, filled with self hatred and desperate for change. I had an illness that not many people believe in and I was yearning to be understood.

34With Dear Stranger I had the space to express and be heard, I had the opportunity to be met by someone on this journey towards wholeness. I wrote as though writing letters to a friend, sharing my questions, thoughts and feelings. Telling of my hurt, my joy, weakness and strength. I shared day by day my way back to my true self and the challenges I faced on that road.  Illness is a huge and very personal event in ones life and I believe that it is the moment in our path where we are offered the space to heal, Dear Stranger follows that journey.