New Edition

Yes! I have taken the radical leap from letterpress printing to Adobe Indesign.              From personally placing every letter, to handing it over to the professionals.

Dear Stranger can be ordered through all amazon sites, if you are lucky enough to have one in your country it’s free delivery so make sure to check that out.


I have been on an incredible soul-filled journey creating 230 copies of Dear Stranger through the craft of letterpress printing. The books are beautiful, I love them, and the feedback so far has been so moving. There is more interest though than copies, so here we go with the modern way!

This edition is shorter and does not include the illustrations that were in the first edition.

For those who are new to this project, Dear Stranger is a book I wrote in my teenage years from the diagnoses of a chronic illness through to an unexpected recovery. The book is a series of letters to a Stranger- the reader, who comes with me through the very personal journey one takes in order to heal.

To get to know more about the book and the project it became, have a look around this website, there are photos, videos and articles. There is also a facebook page