“To read Dear Stranger has been very healing, like medicine, for I am ill in a very similar illness as young Anna, in which I found a friend, and I walk together with her on our journey, which is a very lonely one. I walk with her through the pain and the doubt, of not being seen, of being misunderstood, of not having words for what happens, and not knowing when it will end, or if it will ever end. I walk with her through the moments of peace and of insight, of discovering the protection of divine beings, of love and the joy of living. I walk with her through the uncovering of layers which hide ourselves and discover there who we are, and in the same place finding the remedy for our illness. It is a rare gift to walk with her, and to be seen by her, and strengthened by her courage, her integrity and intuition, and be reminded what it is all about, why this illness came to us and what it came to tell.



“I shivered that someone had written down exactly what I had been thinking many years ago when I developed my ailment. I was amazed and humbled that you could place simple phrases on a page to evocatively remind me of exactly what I had thought, why I had screamed, why I had cried, why I was bemused, why I was totally alone and at times wished to be alone but at times wanted to be surrounded by understanding, something which has never really happened until now. I count myself truly blessed and honoured to be amongst those who have read this book and thus be a Stranger.”



“Beautiful girl. I absolutely adore the book. It is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. And I just love holding it in my hands and imagining all the time, love and energy that has been poured into it. Not only in the physical beauty of it and its amazing journey to ‘life’ but the honesty and humbleness in your account of your journey too. Everyone needs to have a copy.”



“Admirable and courageous describes how you make your way with all the obstacles , you came across. You have approached the “STRANGER” from your innermost being. Pure and honest. Regularly tears rolled down my face. It was really nice and shocking to realize at the same time how deep you are gone with the Stranger and yourself. Dear Anna thank you very much for the insight into this particular part of your life. A book that can encourage many people young and old.”



“The book is beautiful, human, shining and acing the trials of your journey. The quality of it is but a dim shadow of your qualities of inner strength, endurance, courage, care, humour and love of life.”



“Even though I am not an M.E. sufferer myself, I was very interested to read, feel and see your book as I know quite a few people and friends, who suffer from autoimmune illnesses. I was moved by your account, by its creative, beautiful and transformative quality, a tribute to the spirit in you, your inner strength and tenacity, which ultimately gave your life back to you.And not only that, your life took a new course which was completely unforeseen.Your book can be of great help for many people and encourage them to find their own way towards their recovery in a courageous and creative way. Then through the illness has a new door has been opened, which only the illness can open!”



“Thank you so much for your brilliant book. I am so impressed at your ability to express your emotions and feelings. What a wonderful read, so heart-breaking in places.”


“I feel like a stranger.”


“Dear Stranger is a story that wants to be heard. It brought up a lot of questions for me about what we think illness is and what it means to be truly healthy. In its honest language the book reveals the inside of an illness process. I am very grateful for such an authentic book that gave me a glimpse on what it means to be ill and to deal with that. Although it shows a very unique and personal story, it manages to address all of us with real questions about what it means to live. It touched me very much.

The form of the book manages to contain its content in a very unique and beautiful way. The book is not just a book. It is a piece of art and the way that it was made gives justice to its special content and to the process that the Anastasia went through.”


“I am reading it very slowly…going step by step with You…and sometimes I read some pages at the back, to feel in between the rainbow of development. Though my English is not so good it doesn’t matter, I read and understand your book with an open heart and easily.”

Anna Rosa

“The book is very touching for me because you are uncovering so much of your heart inside of that time. I just know a little bit  of the strong result of your fight and for me as a teacher it allows a deep look into the soul of a teenager, which gives a good hint for understanding young people with difficulties.”


‘This book is a very frank account of coming to terms with, and finding her way with, the diagnoses of M.E. The entries written to a ‘Dear Stranger’ have a tangible rawness, an anger with an ‘invisible’ illness, but also a beauty which has the ability to touch every nerve in my body and a deep rooted wisdom from someone so young.
A friend who visited me was visibly touched after only reading a few pages. She nodded in agreement, marvelled at the wisdom and cried with recognition. She does not have M.E, to me that is a testimony to the power of what is Dear Stranger.’

- Corina